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September 19, 2017

There are many girls in our world who look perfect and another apt word for them will be sexy and hot. Girls are such a beautiful creatures in this world who are even more beautiful compared to boys. Girls are definitely a beautiful creation of God in this world. Every girl has the right o look more beautiful in the way they are and so there will be no discrimination when it comes to looks as they are completely natural things which can never be changed. Howhot will always be a question in every girl’s mind and so it can be clarified just by seeing their personality both inner and outside.


Men also look beautiful and handsome with their perfect abs and biceps and these will definitely attract any girls as they are the main features which girls do expect from any guy. howhot can be easily answered by individuals either by themselves or by someone else who looks at them. Hotness is something which can be gained by doing some required things and so girls do definitely look hot just by trying a little bit.

Tips to be followed which make you look hot:-

Making eye contact:-

It is scientifically proven that if two people from opposite sex make eye contact for more than 6 seconds then that definitely mean that they are interested in you and so it is a green signal to approach them in some way or the other.

Dynamic attractiveness:-

Physical attraction is always common in everyone but dynamic attraction will only happen with some people and this will surely lead to something great. The dynamic attraction includes emotion attraction with eyes or body contact. This will definitely help in boosting ones charisma. Smiling, expressive eyes and also upbeat attitude are some aspect which makes people look sexier.

Being smart:-

Everyone has got a brain tit themselves and so it is mandatory to use it. A sharp and healthy brain will always make people look hotter and will surely effect on the looks and personality too. Girls being dumb are cute sometimes but not all the times. Smart girls are what guys like the most.

Get your hair done:-

Hair is the important part which makes people look brighter and sexy. So it is always recommendable for girls to be completely aware of how their hair looks and they should take utmost care about it. Soft, silky hair and good looking hair is the best part for every girl.